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In this section of our website, we will discuss what worked best for us when seeking health insurance prices after a temporary lapse in employment. It is our hope that this information will save you both time and money.

All things being equal, the best thing to do when seeking health insurance prices is to make use of your internet connection. Places like offer competitive health insurance price comparisons by completing a simple questionnaire. This company is the largest online comparison website which matches customers with leading health insurance companies.

Your health insurance premiums are determined by many variables, one of which is your current state of health. Also, the region you live in and your ability to receive adequate health care also are considered.

If you presently have a significant health condition that will impact your insurance rates, you may find some health insurance companies will deny your application or charge an excessive monthly fee. At the present time health insurance companies are pretty much free to charge as much as they like or to deny health insurance applications outside of open enrollment periods. If you have a serious medical condition which is causing health insurance companies to deny your health insurance applications, or quote you an excessive fee, check with any organizations within your state that offer the potential to enter a purchasing group. For example, in Ohio, an individual may join COSE and obtain health insurance that is affordable when using their negotiated group rates. Granted, this is reserved for businesses, but any individual can create a business for this purpose alone.

If you are attempting to insure a family with children, you may want to consider certain government funded programs that are designed to insure children of low income families at little or no cost. Doing so would reduce your monthly premiums if you were to purchase an individual or individual plus spouse health insurance plan. We have seen families save well over $200 per month by combining government funded health insurance for children with a private health insurance plan for the parents. Please see our free health insurance page for more information on insuring your children at little to no cost.


High Deductible Plan

In many cases a high deductible health insurance plan is the only form of temporary health insurance many individuals and families can afford. Such plans can often save you from the catastrophic financial costs of a major medical event.
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