Whether you just lost your job, or another event in your life is leaving you without health insurance, you may find the need for temporary health insurance. Next to your house payment or rent, maintaining insurance coverage for your health can be your most expensive monthly bill. And with the United States Supreme Court affirming the legality of the health care reform law, many policyholders are bracing for potentially higher premiums or major changes in covered medical services. At Temporary Health Insurance Pro, we have been in your exact situation. It is our intention to help you find an effective short term medical coverage solution that is affordable while still able to provide you and your family with comprehensive coverage.

Temporary Health Insurance

Medical Insurance
What is temporary health insurance? Simply put, this type of insurance is designed to provide medical coverage between employer provided health insurance policies. Such short term policies are typically obtained to prevent lapses in medical coverage. Short term health insurance policies can be customized in many cases to meet the specific individual or family policy needs. While this can greatly reduce monthly health insurance premiums, benefits also can be greatly reduced.

Types of Short Term Medical Insurance Policies

Just like employer provided medical insurance coverage, a variety of temporary health insurance policies can be purchased. These policies include HMO, PPO, POS, PPO, managed care, and fee for service plans. Choosing which plan will best suite your medical needs is entirely dependent on your situation and monthly budget.

In many cases short term insurance plans can be customized. For example, a family of four can have their health insurance coverage adjusted to provide greater coverage for accidents. This can be especially useful for young couples with children that are more likely to sprain an ankle or encounter another accidental injury.

When considering which health insurance policy to obtain, do consider your budget. In the current economic climate, it is estimated that job seekers typically do not find new employment for approximately six months. And with the employer based health insurance system collapsing, there is the possibility that a new employer may not offer coverage. In most cases, employers have a waiting period to enroll in their health insurance plan. This alone can extend the need to have short term insurance by three to six months. When you budget for temporary health insurance, make sure that you consider this coverage may have to last for nine to twelve months at a minimum.

High Deductible Plan

In many cases a high deductible health insurance plan is the only form of short term health insurance many individuals and families can afford. Such plans can often save you from the catastrophic financial costs of a major medical event.
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